Seneca Point, A Brandon Webster Mystery by Dan Riker


Seneca Point, a Brandon Webster Mystery
Second Edition, Revised.
Now available in trade paperback and soon in a Kindle edition.

Buy the trade paperback from the publisher here.
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The 2nd Edition has a new opening chapter and a number of other minor revisions and corrections.

When former CIA agent and covert Pentagon operative Brandon Webster investigates the murder of his estranged brother, the famous and powerful Supervisor of the Western New York Town of Lakeside, he finds the identity of the killer is hidden in a web of town and family secrets, and a conspiracy of violence, kidnapping, fraud, and bribery inside a reclusive, and heavily armed, religious group. Brandon first operates as a traditional private detective, working with a canny state police investigator. They discover that every suspect is hiding something except for the one who doesn’t have an alibi. They methodically expose some of the secrets but obtain no hard evidence. When their investigation becomes stymied, Brandon draws resources from his shadow world, and uses deception and disguises, and his skills as an interrogator and a commando, to uncover the remaining secrets, destroy the conspiracy, and force the killer into the open. 

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